1- Medical Treatment & Care in the UK

London Doctors Ltd provides a ‘One Stop’ solution to all needs relating to any treatment, operation or medical procedure for patients worldwide in top listed hospitals with well known and experienced specialist doctors and medical teams. The ‘One Stop’ service includes all travel arrangements, assistance for obtaining a visa for the UK, accommodation in London, medical appointments, hospital care, nursing, physiotherapy etc. all at affordable and competitive prices.


Patients from all over the world come to the UK for medical treatment. Our market research has revealed that many of these patients require organized help and assistance both in their own country before departing and after arrival in the UK. The benefits and the very much needed help and assistance to patients starts from the time their own doctor(s) have recommended medical treatment in patients own country. In most cases patients coming to the UK were not getting these services. London Doctors will advise and assist these patients before departing from their own country until they return back home. The manner in which London Doctors organizes this service to patients is new.


We can book practically any treatment operation or medical procedure for you in the UK. Our commitment is to provide you the best possible treatment in top listed hospitals with well known and experienced doctors and medical teams. We will also look after our patient before and after the treatment and have full capacity to fulfil the patients needs such as physiotherapy, nursing, personal care, etc. To find a treatment and available hospitals and consultants please visit our treatment page.


We pride ourselves in providing you with the highest possible standards of care and comfort at a time when it is most needed. We draw an individual plan for each patient and offer complete peace of mind. Our expert and friendly team will be available round the clock for your assistance and more importantly we will speak your language. While you are in the UK for your treatment we can provide you these services at very competitive prices. We can also tailor a suitable package for your complete course of treatment and stay in the UK.

  • Consultation and complete diagnosis of a patients medical condition in their own country
  • Complete assistance and advice on getting treatment in the UK
  • Assistance in applying for a UK visa
  • Lodging & boarding for the patient and any personal assistance at an affordable cost
  • Supply of medicines, appliances or any other equipment required
  • Fulfilment of special dietary needs
  • London Doctors will provide you with guidance and knowledge about the British way of life in your own language.
  • Pre-Treatment and Post-treatment care
  • Regular follow-up by our doctors from regional offices

2-Pathology Tests for Overseas Patients

For diagnostic/pathology services, samples are taken by qualified healthcare professionals in overseas countries (presently this service is offered to Pakistan only) and flown to London for testing and processing, by exclusive partnership arrangements, in The Doctors Laboratory (TDL), which is a medically-led laboratory established in 1987 and is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. The laboratory information required for diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders including comprehensive, multidisciplinary pathology services and specialist diagnostic analysis for other laboratories is also provided.

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